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About us

Since its founding in 1847 in Rotterdam, the C.Steinweg organisation has grown into a multimodal logistics campany that offers stevedoring, warehousing and forwarding services in various locations in Europe, Asia, Africa and the America's.  

The C.Steinweg Group operates an international network of ocean terminals and warehouses. Many of those companies are real specialists in the handling of projects, since our port facilities are very well equipped to handle all kinds of project cargo. We offer outside and inside storage, global forwarding as well as inland distribution by every possible means of transportation.

Discretion, reliability, neutrality, confidentiality and security play vital roles in conducting our business. Because of this C.Steinweg is a truly global company that confronts the challenges of the 21st century.

C.Steinweg was founded in 1847 in Rotterdam by Constantin Steinweg and has always remained a privately owned company. During these years we developed into the multimodal logistic group we are today while maintaining our status as independent company.