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About Mer Union Line

The regular liner service "Mer Union" originated from a longtime working relationship in between a forwarding company,  Reunion based importers, and stevedores, both in Antwerp and in Réunion.

"Mer Union" is specialized in the overseas transport of various cargoes from Europe to the Indian Ocean. The shipping line offers a regular service from the port of Antwerp to both the islands of Réunion, Mayotte, and Madagascar.

The goal of Mer Union is to assure a regular supply to these islands of general cargoes and base commodities, required for construction works, or for any other project .

"Mer Union" is based in Antwerp, with representatives in France (Bordeaux), Réunion (Port Réunion), Mauritius (Port Louis), Mayotte (Longoni) and Madagascar (Antananarivo).